India’s Zero Food Wastage Platform.

Food Dosti is an initiative to bring restaurants & eateries , their customers , non-profits & corporates together in win-win pact to ensure minimal food wastage.

Mobile App
  • Get rewarded for not wasting food
  • Make the most of ‘Portion Saver’ Option
  • Get access to all your Offers at your fingertips
  • Search and Locate nearest Food Dosti Restaurants

Web App + Mobile
  • Get recognized as a Zero Food Wastage Restaurant
  • Create and share customized Offers
  • Reduce the waste footprint at your restaurant
  • Integrated easy to use CRM
  • Grow your customer reach
  • Win customer Loyalty
  • Up-cycle your surplus food seamlessly
  • Earn CSR Credits

Non Profit
Web App + Mobile App
  • Easy access to food for up-cycling
  • Food availability at multiple sources
  • Reserve food at your fingertips
  • Get reports on claims and dispatches
  • Receive Live notifications
  • Landing Page data

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